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Introduction to ligand field theory and computational chemistry1002
Development of an efficient biocatalytic system based on bacterial laccase for the oxidation of selected 1,4-dihydropyridines817
Fabrication and characterization of luminescent Pr3+ doped fluorapatite nanocrystals as bioimaging contrast agents772
Novel WO3/Fe3O4 magnetic photocatalysts: Preparation, characterization and thiacloprid photodegradation747
Mechanism of formation of the honeycomb-like structures by the regime of the reversing current (RC) in the second range684
Integration of dry-column flash chromatography with NMR and FTIR metabolomics to reveal cytotoxic metabolites from Amphoricarpos autariatus663
Valorization of walnut shell ash as a catalyst for biodiesel production663
What Is the Nature of Interactions of BF4–, NO3–, and ClO4– to Cu(II) Complexes with Girard’s T Hydrazine? When Can Binuclear Complexes Be Formed?602
Sensitivity analysis of the variational model for the particulate expansion of fluidized beds549
Bioremediation of soil heavily contaminated with crude oil and its products: Composition of the microbial consortium547