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      "Siliceous bacteria" of ash deposits of the thermal power plants as indicators of their potential application for bioremediation [1]
      Analysis of Cedrus Atlantica (Atlas cedar) Needles as Potential Passive Samplers of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) in Air [1]
      Analysis of Dibenztiophene Biodegradation Products During ex situ Bioremediation of Soil Contaminated with Oil Pollutant [1]
      Analysis Of Microbial Community In Microbial Fuel Cell System [1]
      Antioxidative and bifidogenic properties of baker’s yeast β-D-glucan [1]
      Antioxidative properties of infant formulas against hydroxyl radical production in the Fenton reaction [1]
      Are Soil and Bioremediation in Focus of Sustainable Green Chemistry and Engineering? [1]
      Are sustainability and sustainable chemistry on the edge? [1]
      Bacillus sp. Isolated from Japanese food Natto [1]
      Bakterijsko luženje metala iz elektronskog otpada pomoću At. ferrooxidans [1]
      Beneficiation oil shale by bacterial depyritization as possible green technology: Bioprocessing on laboratory scale [1]
      Bifidogenic effect of a follow-on formula supplemented with prebiotics [1]
      Binding of metal ions and water molecules to nucleic bases [1]
      Biochemical and molecular characterization of Klebsiella sp. isolated from environment polluted with perfluoroalkyl substances [1]
      Biodegradability of novel graft copolymer with levan and polystyrene [1]
      Biodegradacija motornog ulja [1]
      Biodegradation of selected PCBs by microorganisms isolated from PCBs polluted environment [1]
      Biodiesel synthesis over green catalyst: The effect of thermal treatment of CaO/Zeolite precursor on catalytic activity [1]
      Biohydrometallurgical Methods for Cobal and Nickel Recovery from Printed PC Motherboard [1]
      Bioremediation for recycling of polluted soil - our experience with petroleum hydrocarbons [1]