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      Lactose and D-galactose content in infant formulas and mother's milk [1]
      Levan and Levan/Pullulan Blend Films: AFM and FTIR Spectroscopy Characterization [1]
      Lipids and glutathione - dependent enzymes in the pig neck [1]
      Magnetic anisotropy in pentagonal bipyramidal complexes of first-row transition metal ions [1]
      MALDI-TOF analysis of rhamnolipids produced by P. Aeruginosa NCAIM (P) B001380 [1]
      Metabolomic study of the biodegradation pathway of sodium-benzoate in pseudomonas aeruginosa san ai [1]
      Microbial bioremediation of residual heavy oil waste from power plants (Serbia) and its reuse: example of circular economy [1]
      Microbial polysaccharides as prebiotics: β-glucan and levan [1]
      Microbiological degradation and transformation of complex refinery waste caused by violent destruction of installations [1]
      Microorganisms from bioremediation to electronic waste: some of our examples [1]
      Microwave assisted synthesis of polyaniline/pullulan (pani/pull) composite [1]
      Microwave-assisted Polyol Synthesis of Pt Based Catalysts for Ethanol Oxidation Reeaction [1]
      Migration of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in vertical profile of alluvial sediments of the Sava River, Serbia [1]
      Mikrobni polisaharid levan u reakciji kalemljenja stirena uz aminoaktivaciju [1]
      Mikroorganizmi digestivnog trakta pčele apis melifera kao biodegraderi neonikotinoudnih pesticida [1]
      Molecular and biochemical characterization of five Actinobacteria strains isolated from hydrocarbon-contaminated soil samples [1]
      Monitoring of lignin biodegradation using respirometric test and GCxGC-MS [1]
      Morphology, structure and hardness of electrolytically produced copper coatings [1]
      Nano Design of Biphasic ciumphosphate/Poly-Dl-Lactide- Co-Glycolide, as Composite Biomaterials for Hard Tissue Reconstruction [1]
      Nastanak huminskih kiselina u procesu bioremedijacije naftnog zagađenja u sloju veštačkog zemljišnog supstrata [1]