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      Binding of metal ions and water molecules to nucleic bases [1]
      Biodegradation of selected PCBs by microorganisms isolated from PCBs polluted environment [1]
      Biodiesel synthesis over green catalyst: The effect of thermal treatment of CaO/Zeolite precursor on catalytic activity [1]
      CO2 conversion enhancement in a periodically operated Sabatier reactor: Nonlinear frequency response analysis and simulation- based Study [1]
      Comparison of possible improvements of a periodically operated adiabatic CSTR with inlet concentration modulation for different shapes of the forcing function [1]
      Determination of ionization constants of selected monocarbohydrazone derivatites [1]
      Electrochemical behavior of polyaniline in chloride/citrate electrolyte [1]
      Electrochemical Reduction of Trinitrotoluene on a Modified Platinum Electrode [1]
      Evaluation of periodic processes with two modulated inputs based on nonlinear frequency response analysis [1]
      Fluctuations of the number of adsorbed molecules due to adsorption-desorption processes coupled with mass transfer and surface diffusion in bio/chemical MEMS sensors [1]
      Improved electrolyte for zinc-polyaniline batteries [1]
      Intrinsic noise equivalent concentration of dynamic mode microcantilever biosensors [1]
      Levan and Levan/Pullulan Blend Films: AFM and FTIR Spectroscopy Characterization [1]
      Nano Design of Biphasic ciumphosphate/Poly-Dl-Lactide- Co-Glycolide, as Composite Biomaterials for Hard Tissue Reconstruction [1]
      One-step Synthesis and Characterization of a New Magnetic Polyacrylate Nanocomposite with Aniline [1]
      Optimization of heterogeneously catalyzed methanolysis in microreactor using a green eggshell catalyst [1]
      Poly vinyl alcohol PVA with poly ethylene glycol PEG added as a binder for the powder compaction [1]
      Sol-gel processing of ordered MnO2 structures toward enhanced O2 reduction catalysis for air batteries [1]
      The influence of current density on charge/discharge characteristics of polyaniline electrode [1]