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      Heat Utilization of Distiller Liquor by using the High Temperature Heat Pump [1]
      How do newly-described diatom species affect biomonitoring? – An example of Gomphonema paratergestinum vs. G. tergestinum [1]
      Hydrogen production by biomass gasification [1]
      Importance of Applying Risk Analysis to Pressure Equipment Tested by a Special Program [1]
      Interesting Navicula Bory de Saint-Vincent species from Serbia [1]
      Jedna mogućnost grafičkog predstavljanja energetskih veličina realnog gasa za karakterističnu promenu stanja [1]
      Linear Free Energy Relationships of the C-13 NMR chemical shifts in 5-(3-and 4-substituted arylazo)-4,6-dimethyl-3-cyano-2-pyridones [1]
      Methodological approaches in heritological valorization of old patents [1]
      Methodological fundamentals of research of Sensus Communis phenomena visual performance [1]
      Methodology and design in production of ortodox golden crosses [1]
      Methods for Removal of Phenol from Wastewater [1]
      Metode uklanjanja fenola iz otpadne vode [1]
      Modeling of semibatch processes of polyethers production for polyurethane fabrication [1]
      Modelovanje destilacionih kolona [1]
      Modelovanje polušaržnih procesa proizvodnje polietera za dobijanje poliuretana [1]
      Modelovanje, analiza i dizajn destilacionih sistema [1]
      Multi-disciplinary Shape Optimization of Missile Fin Configuration Subject to Aerodynamic Heating [1]
      Multidisciplinary research of old cultures in the work of Harald Haarmann [1]
      New model for determining of change entropy of semi-ideal gas by using fractional temperature function [1]
      New or rarely recorded diatoms taxa from Serbia (Dojkinačka stream, SE Serbia) [1]