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      Desmid flora of fishpond Horgoš (Northern Serbia) [1]
      Determination of corrosion rate austentic steels S4571 and S4580 in a solution of calcium-hypochlorite [1]
      Determination of serum glycosylated proteins: Comparison of thiobarbituric acid and phenol-sulphuric acid assays [1]
      Diatoms diversity and ecological status of the Đetinja River (Serbia) [1]
      Diatoms from a peat bog on the Pešter plateau (southwestern Serbia): New records for diatom flora of Serbia [1]
      Diatoms of the Dojkinci River (Nature Park „Stara Planina“, Serbia) [1]
      Diatoms of the Dojkinci River (Stara Planina Nature Park, Serbia) [1]
      Diatoms of the genus Gomphonema Ehrenberg fromthe peat bog at Pešter plateau [1]
      Diatoms on the carapace of European pond turtle (Emys orbicularis L.) in Vojvodina [1]
      Diatoms on the green frogs skin (Pelophylax esculentus and P. ridibundus) [1]
      Distribution of invasive species Actinocyclus normanii (Hemidiscaceae, Bacillariophyta) in Serbia [1]
      Diversity and ecology of diatoms from peat bog at Pester plateau (Serbia) [1]
      Ecological status of the Raška River evaluated by epiphytic diatom community [1]
      Eksploatacija niskotemperaturnih energetskih izvora korišćenjem visokotemperaturne toplotne pumpe [1]
      Energy Efficient Poly(Lactide) Obtaining by Microwave Synthesis [1]
      Epiphytic and epilithic diatom communities along the Raška River – implications for the water quality [1]
      Epiphytic diatoms from genus Navicula (Suvi Do, Pešte plateau, Serbia) [1]
      Expansion of invasive diatom species Didymosphenia geminata (Lyngb.) M.Schmidt and Diadesmis confervacea (Grun.) Hustedt in the waters of Serbia [1]
      Experimental and Numerical Methods for Concept Design and Flow Transition Prediction on the Example of the Bionic High-speed Train [1]
      Exploatation of low temperature heat sources with using high temperature heat pump [1]