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      A method for spectrophotometric determination of acetaldehyde with thiosemicarbazide in blood [1]
      Additional information on the distribution and ecology of the recently described diatom species Geissleria gereckei [1]
      An updated list of Serbian diatom flora – new recorded taxa [1]
      Analitička greška kod izbora referentnog stanja u termodinamici idealnog gasa [1]
      Analiza stanja i ispravnosti površinskih voda u Srbiji sa posebnim osvrtom na kvalitet vode reke Dunav [1]
      Analysis of surface water quality with a special focus on the water quality of the Danube river [1]
      Analysis, Modeling and Design of Binary Distillation Systems [1]
      Analytical error during selection of reference state in thermodynamic of ideal gas [1]
      Appendix to rationally designing of machine tools for example of universal lathe [1]
      Assessment and prediction of water quality variations of Kolubara basin [1]
      Benefiti izgadnje postrojenja za prečIšćavanje gradskih otpadnih voda [1]
      Benefits of construction of municipal wastewater treatment plant [1]
      Biodegradable Polymers Based on Proteins and Carbohydrates [1]
      Biotransformation of nitric oxide in the cerebrospinal fluid of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis patients [1]
      Buka generisana vazdušnim saobraćajem [1]
      Changes in the diatom community structure and impact on water quality from 2005-2017 - Great Lake (Lurë National Park, Albania) [1]
      Characterisation of dispersive systems using a coherer [1]
      Contemporary laser techniques and general application in heritology and case of building in 7 Balkanska street, Belgrade [1]
      Desmid flora of fishpond Horgoš (Northern Serbia) [1]
      Determination of corrosion rate austentic steels S4571 and S4580 in a solution of calcium-hypochlorite [1]