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      Catalytic wet peroxide oxidation on solid catalysts with supported or incorporated transition metals [1]
      Characterization, rational design and application of highly efficent raw starch degrading α-amylase from Bacillus licheniformis. [1]
      Citosolne leucil-aminopeptidaze srednjeg creva larvi Morimus funereus [1]
      Computational modeling of the octahedral complexes of chromium(III) and cobalt(III): structural, electronic and spectroscopic aspects. [1]
      Cytosolic leucyl aminopeptidase from the midgut of Morimus funereus larvae [1]
      Density functional approximations for spin state energetics in transition-metal complexes [1]
      Dependence of surface properties of glass-like carbon on its structure and subsequent treatment [1]
      Determinisanje modela tehnologije radio-relejnih uređaja sa aspekta unapređenja tehnoloških programa [1]
      Development of methods for quantification of chaos in the nonlinear reaction systems [1]
      Dinamičko-mehanička svojstva hibridnih magnetnih kompozitnih materijala sa polimernom matricom [1]
      Discontinued boundary layer and transport phenomena analogies in liquid-particles packed and fluidiyed beds and transport systems [1]
      Diskontinualni granični sloj i analogije prenosa u pakovanim, fluidizovanim i transportnim sistemima tečnost-čestice [1]
      Dismutacija azot monoksida u biološkim i model sistemima : in vitro ispitivanja [1]
      Dismutation of nitric oxide in biological and model systems: in vitro study [1]
      Diversity of aerophytic cyanobacteria and algae in biofilm from selected caves in Serbia [1]
      Diverzitet aerofitskih cijanobakterija i algi u biofilmu odabranih pećina u Srbiji [1]
      Dopamine D2 receptor binding site study by newly synthesized 2-methoxyphenylpiperazine ligands [1]
      Drying оf suspensions in moving bed of inert particles [1]
      Dynamic mechanical properties of hybrid magnetic composite materials with polymer matrix [1]
      Ecotoxicity testing og organic pollutants degradation products in Water after the treatment with advanced oxidation processes [1]