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dc.creatorPergal, Marija
dc.creatorBalaban, Milica
dc.creatorStanković, Dalibor
dc.creatorPetković, Branka B.
dc.description.abstractPoly(dimethylsiloxane)s (PDMS) have one of the lowest values of glass transition temperature among synthetic polymers, and indicate lowtemperature flexibility, excellent thermal, thermo-oxidative and ultraviolet stability, very low surface energy, high hydrophobicity, high gas permeability and good biocompatibility. α,ω-Difunctionalized (or telechelic) PDMSs of low molecular weights are various starting prepolymers for the preparation of a wide variety of types of PDMSbased segmented copolymers, such as polyurethanes, polyesters, polyamides and polyimides, as well as for the preparation of polymer networks such as epoxy and polyurethane networks. Polymers based on PDMS which combine the specific and unique properties of PDMS with the mechanical strength of organic segments have a wide range of important applications such as elastomers, protective coatings, surfactants, gas separation membranes, photoresists, contact lenses and biomaterials. This chapter surveys the most relevant aspects related to the synthesis, structure and physical properties of PDMS modified segmented copolymers and polymer networks. Influence of the structure and molecular weight of PDMS prepolymers and organic segments on the morphology and properties of the copolymers and polymer networks based on PDMS is discussed. Correlation between composition and microstructure-property behavior of PDMS-based copolymers and polymer networks will be reported in detail. This chapter also discusses PDMS-based blends and reinforcement of PDMS-based copolymers via addition of nanoparticle-based materials and characterization of these PDMS-based blends and nanocomposites. The potential application of PDMS-based materials and future trends in chemistry and synthesis of PDMS-based copolymers and polymer networks will also be given.en
dc.publisherNova Science Publishers, Inc.
dc.sourceAdvances in Chemistry Research
dc.subjectHyperbranched polyestersen
dc.subjectMicrostructure-property behavioren
dc.subjectPolymer networksen
dc.subjectSegmented copolymersen
dc.subjectStep-growth polymerizationen
dc.titlePoly(dimethylsiloxane) modified polymers: Synthesis, structure and physical propertiesen
dcterms.abstractПергал, Марија; Станковиц, Д.М.; Балабан, М.; Петковиц, Б.Б.;
dc.citation.other43: 1-80

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