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      X Mikrostruktura , hrapavost i otpornost na koroziju zavarenog spoja austenitnog nerđajućeg čelika X5CrNi18-10 [1]
      X-ray analyses, spectroscopic and magnetic properties of [Cu4(succinato)(tpmc)2](ClO4) 6·2C2H5OH·4H2O and [Cu2(C6H5COO)tpmc](ClO4) 3·0.5CH3OH·0.5H2O complexes [1]
      X-Ray Analysis in the Optimization of the Sintering Process of SmCo5 Magnets [1]
      X-ray and carbon-13 nuclear magnetic resonance characterization of cyclopropane derivatives obtained by solvolysis of (E)-3α- and (E)-3β-hydroxy-5,10-seco-1(10)-cholesten-5-one tosylates [1]
      X-ray crystal structure of 10β-hydroxy-4β,5β-epoxyestr-1-en3,17-dione and antitumor activity of its congeners [1]
      Xanthones from Swertia punctata [1]
      XPS and AES study of mixed layers of RuO2 and IrO2 [1]
      Yb3+ doped dyphillosilicates prepared by thermally induced phase transformation of zeolites [1]
      Yeast surface display for the expression, purification and characterization of wild-type and B11 mutant glucose oxidases [1]
      Zasićeni biomarkeri u proceni organsko-geohemijske homogenosti sirovih nafti iz četiri naftna polja u Libiji [1]
      zaštita opreme od korozije u sistemu za pasterizaciju mleka [1]
      Zatezna čvrstoća hibridnih magnetnih kompozitnih materijala [1]
      Zeeman- and electric-field control of spin- and valley-polarized transport through biased magnetic junctions on WSe2 [1]
      Zeolit NaX kao templat za dobijanje monoatomski dispergovane platine impregnacijom sa rastvorom Pt(II)-acetilacetonata u acetonu [1]
      Zinc concentrations in human milk and infant serum during the first six months of lactation [1]
      Zinc removal from Bayer liquor by using aluminium hydroxide with specific structural properties as crystallization agent [1]
      Zirconia films formed by plasma electrolytic oxidation: Photo luminescent and photocatalytic properties [1]
      Zirconium dioxide nanopowders with incorporated Si4+ ions as efficient photocatalyst for degradation of trichlorophenol using simulated solar light. [2]
      Zn(II) complex with 2-quinolinecarboxaldehyde selenosemicarbazone: synthesis, structure, interaction studies with DNA/HSA, molecular docking and caspase-8 and-9 independent apoptose induction [1]
      Zn-Co-CeO2 vs. Zn-Co Coatings: Effect of CeO2 Sol in the Enhancement of the Corrosion Performance of Electrodeposited Composite Coatings [1]