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      Macrophytes of the Grlište reservoir (Serbia): Fifteen years after its establishment [1]
      Macroporous and non-porous amino-functionalized glycidyl methacrylate based copolymers for hexavalent chromium sorption [1]
      Macroporous monoliths based оn natural mineral sources, clay аnd diatomite [1]
      Macroporous poly(glycidyl methacrylate-co-ethylene glycol dimethacrylate) resins-Versatile immobilization supports for biocatalysts [1]
      Macroscopic, optical and diffraction assessment of encrustations and SEM analyses of phototrophic microbial mats from wellheads and select zones of emergence of mineral water in Serbia [1]
      Magnesium underpotential deposition from nitrate melts and alloy formation with platinum substrate [1]
      Magnesium-Gold Alloy Formation by Underpotential Deposition of Magnesium onto Gold from Nitrate Melts [1]
      Magnetic and electric control of spin- and valley-polarized transport across tunnel junctions on monolayer WSe2 [1]
      Magnetic Anisotropy in "Scorpionate" First-Row Transition-Metal Complexes: A Theoretical Investigation [2]
      Magnetic Anisotropy of the C-C Single Bond [1]
      Magnetic behaviour of hybrid magnetic composite materials [1]
      Magnetic couplings mediated through the non-covalent interactions [1]
      Magnetic criteria of aromaticity in a benzene cation and anion: how does the Jahn-Teller effect influence the aromaticity? [1]
      Magnetic effects in electrochemistry [1]
      Magnetic field influence on silicon surface periodic structures obtained by plasma flow action [1]
      Magnetic properties of ND Rich Melt-Spun ND-FE-B alloy [1]
      Magnetni efekti u elektrohemiji [1]
      Magnetno ponašanje hibridnih magnetnih kompozitnih materijala [1]
      Magneto electrochemistry: Basic facts and the effects of the applied magnetic fields onto corrosion of metals, mass transfers, kinetic of process and the preferred orientation of deposits [1]
      Magneto-elektrohemija - osnovne činjenice i uticaji primenjenog magnetnog polja na koroziju metala, prenos mase, kinetiku procesa i preferencijalnu orijentaciju taloga [1]