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      D(2) dopaminergic and 5-HT(1A) serotonergic activity of 2-(1-naphthyl)ethyl- and 2-(2-naphthyl)ethyl amines [1]
      Da li holesterol vezan za hemoglobin utiče na anti-oksidativni enzimski sistem u humanim eritrocitima [1]
      Da li integrisanje rafinerijskog i petrohemijskog biznisa pruža mogućnost za razvoj petrohemijske industrije u Srbiji [1]
      Da li postoji potreba za sistematskom edukacijom o recenziranju u Srbiji? [1]
      Day of the week effect in paper submission/acceptance/rejection to/in/by peer review journals [1]
      Day of the week effect in paper submission/acceptance/rejection to/in/by peer review journals. II. An ARCH econometric-like modeling [2]
      dc and ac transport in few-layer black phosphorus [1]
      Deactivation Aspects of Methanolysis Catalyst Based on CaO Loaded on Mesoporous Carrier [1]
      Debromination of endo-(+)-3-Bromocamphor with Primary Amines [1]
      Decarbonylative Dibromination of 5-Phenylthiophene-2-carbaldehyde with Bromine [1]
      Decisive Influence of Environment on Aromatic/Aromatic Interaction Geometries. Comparison of Aromatic/Aromatic Interactions in Crystal Structures of Small Molecules and in Protein Structures [1]
      Decolorization of four AZO dyes using water falling film DBD reactor [1]
      Decolorization of Reactive Black 5 using a dielectric barrier discharge in the presence of inorganic salts [1]
      Decolorization of reactive textile dyes using water falling film dielectric barrier discharge [1]
      Decolorization of textile dye CI Basic Yellow 28 with electrochemically generated active chlorine [1]
      Decolorization of textile dyes and effluents using potato (Solanum tuberosum) phenoloxidase [1]
      Decomposition of N2O over catalyst cu-ZSM-5: Analysis of reaction model [1]
      Decopperization process of waste solutions from conventional copper electrolysis [1]
      Decorated Ru/Au(111) and Os/Au(111) surfaces: An in situ STM and electrochemistry study [1]
      Decrease of free fatty acid content in vegetable oil using silica supported ferric sulfate catalyst [1]