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dc.creatorGordanić, V.
dc.creatorVidović, Milka
dc.creatorJokić, V.S.
dc.creatorTrajković, Ivana
dc.creatorPetrović, Vladimir
dc.description.abstractDuring the making of geochemical map of Republic of Serbia on the scale 1:1000000, samples were collected from A-horizon, overbank sediment and stream sediment. Selected coastal profiles of the alluvial plains were from the Kriva Reka and Binacka Morava in the vicinity of the lead and zinc mine "Ajnovac", as well as from Kozareva and Ibar rivers in the vicinity of lead and zinc mine "Trepca". Variations in the content of chemical elements at the selected locations of the coastal profile are result of pre- and post-industrial exploitation of the mineral raw material. Selection of locations was performed in the way to include the river flow in the mines vicinity and the watershed of rivers which drain different lythological members. During sampling, the superposition of lythological members in the coastal profile was monitored. Depending on the development of overbank sediment, the same lythological member was sampled along the fluvial plain, and the changes of lythological members were registered and analyzed as needed. For all samples, sedimental, chemical and radiometric analyses were performed. Applied sampling methodology enables selection of representative samples for making of geochemical map of Serbia on the scale 1:1000000. The results of research, displayed in profiles, tables and diagrams, are the basis for evaluation of environmental impact. Data are applicable for making of geochemical, as well as geoecological maps, on the basis of chemical elements content in A-horizon, overbank and stream sediment.en
dc.source12th International Multidisciplinary Scientific GeoConference and EXPO - Modern Management of Mine P
dc.subjectGeochemical mapsen
dc.subjectOverbank sedimenten
dc.subjectStream sedimenten
dc.titleApplication of overbank sediment for geochemical mapping and contamination assessment: Results of selected fluvial plains of the southern Serbiaen
dcterms.abstractПетровић, Владимир; Горданић, В.; Трајковић, Ивана; Јокић, В.С.; Видовић, Милка;
dc.citation.other4: 49-56

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