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dc.creatorBuha, Jelena
dc.creatorĐorđević, Dragana
dc.creatorRelić, Dubravka
dc.creatorMihajlidi Zelić, Aleksandra
dc.creatorStortini, Angela Maria
dc.creatorGambaro, Andrea
dc.description.abstractSize-segregated urban aerosol of Belgrade center (44049'14''N, 20027'44''E) was studied during the summer-autumn 2008. The representative location in traffic area Studentski trg was chosen for investigating physical and chemical characteristics of collected particles. Particle size distribution in the size range Dp = 0.49 m, 0.49 = Dp = 0.95 m, 0.95 = Dp = 1.5 m, 1.5 = Dp = 3.0 m, 3.0 = Dp = 7.2 m and Dp = 7.2 m were measured. Aerosol samples were submitted to gravimetric SEM analysis. The shape, size and chemical composition of the fine and coarse particles were analyzed. The imaging was carried out by SEM (Nova NanoSEM 230, FEI, USA). The same SEM was also used for the EDX measurements performed. The particles collected on fiber filters for SEM imaging were further on coated with 4 nm Pt layer to improve conductivity of the samples. The morphological and chemical composition suggested that the most abundant particles were carbonaceous soot but also microbes and natural and anthropogenic inorganic mineral materials. The chemical characterization was performed on a semi-quantitative level. The contents of the carbon were up to 70% or higher. In the samples were dominating next others elements: O, Mo, Si, Fe, Ca, Al, K, Mg.
dc.publisherAmerican Chemical Society (ACS)
dc.sourceAbstracts of Papers of the American Chemical Society
dc.subjectEnvironmental chemistry
dc.subjecturban aerosol
dc.subjectParticle size distribution
dc.subjectgravimetric SEM analysis
dc.titlePhysical and chemical characteristic of urban aerosol of central Balkans (Belgrade)en
dcterms.abstractЂорђевић, Драгана; Михајлиди Зелић, Aлександра; Релиц, Дубравка; Гамбаро, Aндреа; Стортини, Aнгела Мариа; Буха, Јелена;
dc.description.other244thNationalMeeting / 2012; SESSION: Poster Session; ENVR Division of Environmental Chemistry Spectroscopic Identification of Interfacial Chemical Species in Natural and Engineered Environments Location: Philadelphia, PA

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