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      Vacuum Fluctuations in Optical Metamaterials Containing Nonlinear Dielectrics [1]
      Vacuum MEMS sensor based on thermopiles - Simple model and experimental results [1]
      Vacuum Sensing Based on the Influence of Gas Pressure on Thermal Time Constant [1]
      Validacija tankoslojne hromatografije kao metode za jednostavno određivanje p-hlorfenola u tretiranoj otpadnoj vodi [1]
      Validation of data on polycyclic biomarkers, naphthalenes, phenanthrenes, and alkyldibenzothiophenes obtained by gas chromatographic-mass spectrometric analysis of hydrocarbon concentrates [1]
      Validnost baze podataka za spektre infracrvene spektroskopije sa Furijeovom transformacijom prilikom identifikacije mikroplastike [1]
      Valorizacija uticaja termoenergetskih kompleksa na monumentalne objekte kulturne baštine [1]
      Valorization of fly ash from a thermal power plant for producing high-performance self-compacting concrete [1]
      Valorization of walnut shell ash as a catalyst for biodiesel production [2]
      Valorization of waste sulfur in synthesis of eco-friendly self-compacting concrete [1]
      Vapor-Deposited Gold Electrodes: Effects of Undercoatings [1]
      Variability of antioxidant enzyme activity and isoenzyme profile in needles of Serbian spruce (Picea omorika (Panč.) Purkinye) [1]
      Variability of n-Alkanes and Nonacosan-10-ol in Natural Populations of Picea omorika [1]
      Variability of sesquiterpenes in essential oil of Teucrium montanum l. (lamiaceae) from serpentinite and calcareous habitats [1]
      Variability of sesquiterpenes in essential oils of the species Teucrium montanum l. [1]
      Variation of Salvia officinalis L. Essential Oil and Hydrolate Composition and Their Antimicrobial Activity [1]
      Varietal differences of Prokupac, Evita and Čokot Zemun based on their anthocyanins content in grape skin extract [1]
      Varijabilnost seskviterpena etarskih ulja vrste Teucrium montanum l. [1]
      Varijabilnost seskviterpenau etarskom ulju vrste Teucrium montanum L. (Lamiaceae) sa sepentinskih i krečnjačkih staništa [1]
      Various dinamical states in the Bray-Liebhafsky oscillatory reaction- from periodicity to intermittent chaos [1]