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      H-1 NMR Chemical Shifts of Cyclopropane and Cyclobutane: A Theoretical Study [1]
      Half of expectant women in Montenegro show iodine deficiency, indicating that supplementation during pregnancy is necessary [1]
      Half-sandwich ruthenium(II)-arene complexes: synthesis, spectroscopic studies, biological properties, and molecular modeling [2]
      Halofitne biljne vrste - izolovanje i karakterizacija sekundarnih metabolita [1]
      Halogen bonding in complexes of proteins and non-natural amino acids [1]
      Halophytic plant species - isolation and characterization of secondary metabolites [1]
      Hardness and assessment of adhesion of monolayer and multilayer nickel thin films electrochemically deposited on silicon substrates with and without the ultrasonic agitation [1]
      Hardness and corrosion resistance of Zn−Mn/Al2O3 composite coatings produced by electrochemical deposition [1]
      Hardness and morphology analysis of electrolytically produced copper coatings [1]
      Hardness response and adhesion of thin copper films on alloy substrates [1]
      HCOOH oxidation on thin Pd layers on Au: Self-poisoning by the subsequent reaction of the reaction product [1]
      Headspace Analysis of Volatile Compounds From Fruits of Selected Vegetable Species of Apiaceae Family [1]
      Health impact of the commercially cultivated mushroom Agaricus bisporus and the wild-growing mushroom Ganoderma resinaceum – A comparative overview [1]
      Heat capacities and thermodynamic functions of neodymia and samaria doped ceria [1]
      Heat transfer between a packed bed and a larger immersed spherical particle [1]
      Heat transfer by liquid convection in particulate fluidized beds [1]
      Heat transfer in the vertical two-phase flow of coarse particles [1]
      Heat transfer to a sphere immersed in a fluidized bed of coarse particles with transition from bubbling to turbulent flow regime [1]
      Heat Utilization of Distiller Liquor by using the High Temperature Heat Pump [1]
      Heavy metal and trace element bioaccumulation in target tissues of three edible predatory fish species from bovan reservoir (Serbia) [1]