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      Gallic acid effect on the Briggs-Rauscher reaction dynamics [1]
      Galvanostatic electrodeposition of aluminium onto aluminium from AlCl3+NaCl melt [1]
      Galvanostatsko elektrohemijsko taloženje aluminijuma na aluminijumu iz rastopa AlCl3+NaCl [1]
      Gamma irradiation effects in optical fibres, splitters, and connectors [1]
      Gamma irradiation of graphene quantum dots with ethylenediamine: Antioxidant for ion sensing [2]
      Gamma-Ray-Induced Structural Transformation of GQDs towards the Improvement of Their Optical Properties, Monitoring of Selected Toxic Compounds, and Photo-Induced Effects on Bacterial Strains [1]
      Ganoderma lucidum as a cosmeceutical: antiradical potential and inhibitory effect on hyperpigmentation and skin extracellular matrix degradation enzymes [1]
      Gap analysis and risk occurrence on the example of pressure transmitter`s production processes [1]
      Gas Chromatography in Environmental Sciences and Evaluation of Bioremediation [1]
      Gas Separation Properties of the Dense Polymer-Zeolite Powder Composite Membranes [1]
      GC-FID-MS Based Metabolomics to Access Plum Brandy Quality [1]
      GC-MS based metabolomics study of the resurrection plant Ramonda serbica [1]
      GC-MS vs. GC-MS-MS analysis of pentacyclic terpanes in crude oils from Libya and Serbia - A comparison of two methods [1]
      GC-MS-based metabolomics for the detection of adulteration in oregano samples [1]
      General Factorial Design in Adsorption Process of Acid Yellow 99 on Hexadecyl Trimethyl Ammonium Modified Smectite [1]
      General factorial design in catalytic wet peroxide oxidation of tartrazine [1]
      General Theory of Disperse Metal Electrodeposits Formation [2]
      General treatment of the multimode Jahn-Teller effect: study of fullerene cations [2]
      Generalized model of the isothermal vapor phase epitaxy of (Hg,Cd)Te [1]
      Generating of humic acids during bioremediation of soil contaminated by petroleum hydrocarbons [1]