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      Fabrication and characterization of AFM golden microcantilevers and measurement of small electromagnetic forces [1]
      Fabrication and characterization of luminescent Pr3+ doped fluorapatite nanocrystals as bioimaging contrast agents [2]
      Fabrication of Sio2-based microcantilevers by anisotropic chemical etching of (100) single crystal Si [1]
      Facile rearrangement of push-pull 5-substituted 4-oxothiazolidines induced by pyridinium hydrobromide perbromide under homogeneous reaction conditions [1]
      Facile synthesis of hydrophilic polymer-capped upconverting NaYF4:Yb,Er particles [1]
      Factors affecting the microstructure of porous ceramics [1]
      Failures of Brass Condenser Tubes [1]
      Faktori koji utiču na mikrostrukturu porozne keramike [1]
      Faktorijalni i ortogonalno centralno kompozitni plan eksperimenta kiselinske aktivacije smektita [1]
      Far infrared and photoacoustic characterization of iodine doped PbTe [1]
      Far infrared properties of PbTe doped with Hg [1]
      Far infrared properties of sintered NiO [1]
      Far infrared study of local impurity modes of Boron-doped PbTe [1]
      Far-infrared spectroscopy of PbTe doped with iron [1]
      Fast and reliable method for simultaneous zymographic detection of glucoamylase and a-amylase in fungal fermentation [1]
      Fast evaluation of periodic operation of a heterogeneous reactor based on nonlinear frequency response analysis [1]
      Fast photoluminescence quenching in thin films of 4,4 '-bis(2,2-diphenylvinyl)-1,1 '-biphenyl exposed to air [1]
      Fast profiling of protease specificity reveals similar substrate specificities for cathepsins K, L and S [2]
      Fatigue endurance design of plates with two semicircular edge notches and one quarter-elliptical corner crack or through-the-thickness crack [1]
      Fatigue fracture analysis of helicopter landing gear cross tube [1]