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      C-H/O Interactions of Aromatic CH Donors within Proteins: A Crystallographic Study [2]
      CAD/CAM tools in risk analysis during designing process [1]
      Cadmium specific proteomic responses of a highly resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa san ai [1]
      Calcium oxide as a promising heterogeneous catalyst for biodiesel production: Current state and perspectives [1]
      Calcium oxide on coal fly ash cancrinite-type zeolite as a catalyst for biodiesel production [1]
      Calculation of the Jahn-Teller parameters with DFT [2]
      Calorimetric investigation of Al-Zn alloys using Oelsen method [1]
      Calorimetric study and phase diagram investigation of the Au-Ga system [1]
      Can a benthic diatom community complement chemical analyses and discriminate between disturbed and undisturbed saline wetland habitats? [2]
      Can carbohydrates change the shape of water? [1]
      Can volcanic dust suspended from surface soil and deserts of Iceland be transferred to central Balkan similarly to African dust (Sahara)? [1]
      CaNa(2)EDTA chelation attenuates cell damage in workers exposed to lead-a pilot study [1]
      Cancer Incidence in a Population Living Near a Petrochemical Facility and Oil Refinery [1]
      Cancer-Suppressive Potential of Extracts of Endemic Plant Helichrysum zivojinii: Effects on Cell Migration, Invasion and Angiogenesis [1]
      Capacitive properties of RuO2-coated titanium electrodes prepared by the alkoxide ink procedure [1]
      Capillary rise and sorption ability of hemp fibers oxidized by non-selective oxidative agents: hydrogen peroxide and potassium permanganate [1]
      Carbenic vs. ionic mechanistic pathway in reaction of cyclohexanone with bromoform [1]
      Carbohydrate binding polypeptide of Savalia Savaglia [1]
      Carbohydrate – Protein aromatic ring interactions beyond CH/π interactions: A Protein Data Bank survey and quantum chemical calculations [2]
      Carbon air electrode with regenerative short time overload capacity. II. Effects of duroquinone and 2-amino-1.4 naphthoquinone [1]