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      Bacillus amyloliquefaciens laccase - From soil bacteria to recombinant enzyme for wastewater decolorization [1]
      Bacillus licheniformis levan as a functional biopolymer in topical drug dosage forms: From basic colloidal considerations to actual pharmaceutical application [1]
      Bacillus sp. Isolated from Japanese food Natto [2]
      Bacterial degradation of monocyclic aromatic compounds in kraft lignin [1]
      Bacterial diversity in typical abandoned multi-contaminated nonferrous metal(loid) tailings during natural attenuation [2]
      Bacterial nanocellulose as green support for platinum catalysts in methanol electrooxidation reaction [1]
      Bacterial nanocellulose as green support of platinum nanoparticles for effective methanol oxidation [1]
      Bacterially generated Fe2(SO4)3 from pyrite, as a leaching agent for heavy metals from lignite ash [1]
      Bacterially generated H2SO4 from pyrite, as a leaching agent for phosphorus from phosphate ore [1]
      Bakar i aluminijum u kulturnoj baštini: analiza praga oštećenja materijala u interakciji sa rubinskim laserom [1]
      Bakterijska celuloza kao podloga za platinske kataliztore za reakciju elektrooksidacije metanola [1]
      Bakterijski generisani Fe2(SO4)3 iz pirita kao agens za luženje elektrofilterskog pepela termoelektrane iz procesa sagorevanja lignita [1]
      Bakterijsko luženje metala iz elektronskog otpada pomoću At. ferrooxidans [2]
      Ballistic magnetoresistance of electrodeposited nanocontacts in thin film and micrometer wire gaps [1]
      Ballistic magnetoresistance versus magnetostriction effects in electrodeposited nanocontacts at room temperature [1]
      Ballistic transport through graphene nanostructures of velocity and potential barriers [1]
      Band-stop filter with suppression of requested number of spurious stopbands [1]
      BanLec-eGFP Chimera as a Tool for Evaluation of Lectin Binding to High-Mannose Glycans on Microorganisms [1]
      Barley β-glucans: a new method for extraction and purification [1]
      Basic principles of 3 D concrete printing in the light of sustainable development [1]